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livestockrewards.org - buy,care and sell livestock

LivestockRewards.org  is where doing good pays handsomely too.

What drives us.

Micro-investors do not have too much of a choice when high-returns, safe investments are concerned. By why should that be? We searched the globe for an answer and stumbled on livestock as bankable assets. The rest, they say, is history. LivestockRewards is consistently able to deliver 2-digit return-on-investments over an 18-month investment horizon.

The Upside.

When we scrutinised our business model, we realised an upside: By connecting smallholder farms to consumers and investors directly, we made smallholder farms viable again. When these smallholder farms are able to sustain themselves, the less reliant the local economy is on livestock imports. You guessed it: The stronger the country’s food security.   

Enough about us...

Let’s talk about you. Whether you are a sophisticated investor or just a novice with little investable savings, we have simplified the process to a point where you are just an online payment away from owning a livestock and watching it grow in value. Let’s face it: An adult goat is always going to be more valuable economically than a new born kid. That’s why we say “Goat is the new Gold”. It’s a whole new world in here.

Come join us and do well by doing good.

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All your questions answered in one place

Livestockrewards.org is a marketplace that allows users to purchase livestocks from small farmers direct for an investment or charity. A user can buy and keep a livestock and later sell it off for a profit

How do I buy a livestock?

Go to our website, mobile app, purchase Online by PayPal or Bank Transfer

What is my livestock dies?

Your monthly insurance contribution helps to insure your livestock against illness, disease, theft and natural disasters. If your livestock dies we will replace it at no charge to you

How do I perform Qurban or other rituals?

Go to our website, and choose an agent to contact or you can call us directly

How do i sell my livestock?

You can sell at any time by listing your livestock for sale at a recommended price to another investor.

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